APPG Vice-Chair Mary Glindon advocates improved Erbil/Baghdad links and economic and political reform.

APPG Vice Chair Mary Glindon today asked the following question of the Foreign Secretary in the Commons.

Mary Glindon

Does the Minister agree that unjustifiable Iranian bombardments on Iraqi Kurdistan and other attacks require resolving disputes between Baghdad and Erbil plus accelerating economic and political reform, and that these should continue to be key themes for our excellent diplomats there?

James Cleverly

I met the President and Foreign Minister of the newly installed Iraqi Government when I was in Egypt, and we of course have a very good working relationship with both Erbil and Baghdad. It is in the interests of all Iraqis that the relationship between Irbil and Baghdad is fruitful and we will continue to invest diplomatic effort to ensure that continues.

Comment. This question helps keep important issues on the agenda and help illustrate that MPs are aware of the key issues facing the Kurdistan Region and the need for a new relationship based on the principles of the federal Iraqi constitution.

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