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Nadhim Zahawi makes the case for recognition of the Kurdish Genocide

I have called for this debate to recognise the genocide committed against the Kurdish population of Iraq for a number of reasons. I firmly believe that as the horrors of the holocaust pass beyond living memory there is a danger … Continue reading

Parliament’s new take on Saddam’s WMDs

By Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, High Representative to the UK Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq MPs in the House of Commons will today (Thursday February 28) take the unusual step of discussing an Iraq related issue in which it will be … Continue reading

Voices for recognising the Kurdish Genocide: left, right and centre

We are approaching the 25th anniversary of the attack in 1988 on the Kurdish town of Halabja where Saddam Hussein’s jets dropped nerve agents and mustard gas. This killed 5,000 people in one fell swoop. Halabja was itself one of … Continue reading

Memories of a British Army Captain

A personal view from Tom Hardie-Forsyth, senior adviser capacity building and a former Nato senior committee Chairman. “A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of … Continue reading

Storm in a tea cup

A personal view Many people ask me whether the Kurdistan Region in Iraq will become independent. This could be done either by seceding if and when the moment is right, and thanks ironically to its warmer ties with Turkey, or … Continue reading

Never forget Saddam’s crimes

Writing in the Jewish Chronicle, Robert Halfon makes the case for recognising the genocide against the Kurds, February 22, 2013 Which people today has the most similarity with the modern Jewish story of marginalisation, demonisation, persecution, genocide, redemption and revival? … Continue reading

Debate on the Kurdish genocide goes to the Commons

Concerted efforts over the last year by Kurdish and British campaigners have scored a major result. The British Parliament will discuss the genocide against the Iraqi Kurds in a special and historic debate from about 2.15-5pm on Thursday 28 February. … Continue reading