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Hilary Benn MP on the Kurdistan Region in the debate on Chilcot

Ectract. The best evidence for the difference that good politics and good governance can make in Iraq is shown by the Kurdish region, which, let us not forget, was as it was partly because of the support we had given … Continue reading

Support for Peshmerga raised in David Cameron’s final PMQs

Jack Lopresti (Filton and Bradley Stoke) (Con) Q4. I, too, pay tribute to my right hon. Friend for all the hard work that he has done leading this great country for the past few years. My right hon. Friend’s lasting … Continue reading

We have embraced and will continue to fight for the freedom Britain gave us

Guest Column by Karwan Jamal Tahir, Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the UK There is much for the UK to think about and examine now that the Chilcot Inquiry has released its findings. However, amidst the media frenzy that followed … Continue reading

Chilcot: comment by KRG High Representative to the UK

“It is a sign of the resilience and confidence of the British people that its government commissioned such a major investigation into its decision to join the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It’s not for me to comment in detail … Continue reading

Chilcot: the need to hear the voices of Kurds

The release of the report by Sir John Chilcot will trigger an avalanche of comment about the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the occupation. I hope that the views of Kurds are not swept aside. Most people in Kurdistan and … Continue reading

Peshmerga need British field hospital on the Kurdish frontline

By Karwan Jamal Tahir, Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the UK Many British people know who the Peshmerga are and that our female fighters frighten the murderers and rapists of Daesh. I have often heard this in my first … Continue reading


Minutes of the AGM of the APPG on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Monday 6 June 2016. Present. Jason McCartney MP, Bob Stewart MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP, Lord Clement-Jones, Stephen Hepburn MP, Mary Glindon MP. Also in attendance, Karwan Jamal … Continue reading