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Visas and self-determination for the Kurds raised in the Commons

Kurdistan figured prominently in this month’s oral questions in the Commons to the Foreign Secretary and his ministerial team. The salience of any one issue is largely a matter of luck given that the questions are chosen by lottery – … Continue reading


The AGM of the APPG takes place in CR8 on Tuesday 10 July at 6pm.

Kurdistan in Foreign Office questions

26 June 2018 Robert Halfon (Harlow) (Con) 3. What progress the Government are making on encouraging dialogue between the Kurdistan regional government and the Government of Iraq. Bridget Phillipson (Houghton and Sunderland South) (Lab) 8. What recent assessment his Department … Continue reading

Why UK should continue training the brave Peshmerga

Commons Questions 11 June 2018 Mary Glindon (North Tyneside) (Lab) During a recent visit to Iraq, a delegation from the all-party group on Kurdistan met British soldiers who have trained thousands of Peshmerga, helping the brave allies whose sacrifice and … Continue reading

Letter in the Times on debate about moving the Kurds to a new homeland

KURDISH HOMELAND Sir, Richard Long (letter, May 7) dismisses “pious” talk about supporting the Kurds but suggests an odd possible solution. The Kurds, including several million in Iran whom he omitted to mention, live in four states at varied levels … Continue reading

Jack Lopresti MP’s letter in the Times

Sir, Your leading article (“Stand by the Kurds”, May 2) rightly emphasises that democracies should not abandon allies such as the Kurds. They were not actually left in the lurch after their uprising against Saddam Hussein in 1991. British people … Continue reading

Chemical lessons from history: Jack Lopresti MP

The focus on Assad’s use of chemical weapons may lead some to conclude that we are talking about relatively small numbers of people compared to conventional weapons. That misses the point and the possibilities of much larger-scale deaths there and … Continue reading

Robert Halfon MP marks the 30th anniversary of Halabja and the Anfal Genocide

Thirty years ago this week thousands of Kurds were murdered by Saddam Hussein’s mustard gas and sarin in the town of Halabja. It’s also the 30th anniversary of the wider “Anfal” Genocide across Kurdistan in which up to 200,000 people … Continue reading

Churchill, Major, Blair, and Anglo/Kurdish relations

Debate on Kurdish rights once more took place in the Commons this week with a brief debate at short notice on the recent Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) report on what the FAC Chairman, Tom Tugendhat called “an important aspect of … Continue reading

UK MPs recognise “many Kurds feel imprisoned” in Iraq

“Many Kurds feel imprisoned in a country that they see as not implementing its commitments of equality to them. The FCO [Foreign and Commonwealth Office] must therefore (my emphasis) press for these commitments to be fulfilled. The FCO should press … Continue reading