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Early day motion 99 Session: 2016-17 Date tabled: 25.05.2016 Primary sponsor: Glindon, Mary Total number of signatures: 10 Bottomley, Peter Durkan, Mark Gapes, Mike Glindon, Mary Kinahan, Danny McGarry, Natalie Meale, Alan Ritchie, Margaret Shannon, Jim Stephens, Christopher That this … Continue reading

Make a date for 19 June at the Barbican

Please book a ticket, indeed several, for this Save the Children benefit for the child refugees in Kurdistan. They need your support.

How the Kurds might win their independence

On the day of the centenary of the Sykes-Picot agreement this week, the Kurdish Rudaw media network (for which I write a weekly column) asked me if David Cameron would advance the independence of Kurdistan. I suggested this was the … Continue reading

KRG High Representative on Sykes-Picot centenary

You’ll be hearing a lot this week about Sykes-Picot, a secret agreement signed by British and French diplomats a hundred years ago. It aimed to carve up the collapsing Ottoman Empire between France and Britain but was overtaken by events. … Continue reading

Kurdistan’s continuing journey to independence?

Twenty miles from Mosul, my driver hit the brakes but only because he had spotted a speed camera. Mundane here maybe but proof of a new determination to root out the reckless driving I have seen in a decade of … Continue reading