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The inaugural annual meeting of the APPG will be on Tuesday 14 January at 5pm in the Commons. Open to parliamentarians only.

The election and the APPG

Due to the dissolution of parliament, all APPGs are no longer operating.

The impact of Syrian events on the Kurdistan Region raised in last FCO questions before the election

On the last day of this parliament, Ian Austin MP used his question to the Foreign Secretary to alert the Commons to the impact of events in Syria on the Kurdistan Region. Gary Kent Ian Austin (Dudley North) (Ind) What … Continue reading

Jack Lopresti MP presses government to continue Peshmerga training in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what his policy is on the continuation of the role of British forces in training and equipping Iraqi security forces and Kurdish security forces in the event that the US Administration withdraws … Continue reading

Mary Glindon MP statement on clear and present danger to the Kurdistan Region in Iraq

Statement by Mary Glindon MP, the Chair of the APPG on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq The Turkish attack on the largely Kurdish area of northern Syria is a humanitarian disaster and Turkey should withdraw immediately before more innocent people … Continue reading

Bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Region and the UK

APPG Chair Mary Glindon asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to update parliament on its assessment of bilateral relations with the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. The Middle East Minister Dr Andrew Murrison replied on 9 September 2019. “The UK retains … Continue reading

Geography and column inches

The Kurdistan Region in Iraq inevitably faces problems arising from its geography and related political pathologies because it nestles between Turkey, Iran, Arab Iraq, and Syria. Kurds in four enclaves are widely related but the Kurdistan Region is the only … Continue reading


Minutes of the AGM of the APPG on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq held on 16 July 2019 in the Commons. Attendance: Jack Lopresti, Mary Glindon, Ian Austin, Baroness Ramsay, Mike Gapes, Henry Smith, Lord Clement-Jones, Henry Smith, Chris Stephens, … Continue reading

Initial report of the 16th fact-finding delegation by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in June 2019.

“Prospects in the Kurdistan Region for greater unity and reform, better relations with Baghdad, and increased bilateral relations with the UK are much improved after five years of near-existential crises although many roots and consequences of those crises need resolving.” … Continue reading

Meetings this year

The APPG held a briefing meeting with Dr. Haval Aboubakr, Governor of Slemani Province (Gorran Party) on Wednesday 3 April in the Commons. The APPG organised a unique parliamentary briefing on Iraq and the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday 13 March … Continue reading