Monthly Archives: July 2018

Christians in Kurdistan and Iraq

Reflections from Liam Allmark – head of public affairs at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Liam Allmark was an observer on the last APPG delegation and these are his views Our Bishops do not align themselves with … Continue reading

Two steps forward, one step back in Kurdistan

The report of the latest APPG delegation to Kurdistan and Baghdad is here at appg kurdistan delegation report may 2018 website Introduction to the report of the APPG delegation to Kurdistan and Baghdad, with the participation of Jack Lopresti MP … Continue reading

Visas and self-determination for the Kurds raised in the Commons

Kurdistan figured prominently in this month’s oral questions in the Commons to the Foreign Secretary and his ministerial team. The salience of any one issue is largely a matter of luck given that the questions are chosen by lottery – … Continue reading


The AGM of the APPG takes place in CR8 on Tuesday 10 July at 6pm.