Monthly Archives: July 2019

Initial report of the 16th fact-finding delegation by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in June 2019.

“Prospects in the Kurdistan Region for greater unity and reform, better relations with Baghdad, and increased bilateral relations with the UK are much improved after five years of near-existential crises although many roots and consequences of those crises need resolving.” … Continue reading

Meetings this year

The APPG held a briefing meeting with Dr. Haval Aboubakr, Governor of Slemani Province (Gorran Party) on Wednesday 3 April in the Commons. The APPG organised a unique parliamentary briefing on Iraq and the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday 13 March … Continue reading

Kurdistan travelogue: beauty, safety, films, training. A personal view

Given half the population is under 20, I meet more and more Kurds who don’t recall much about the Kurdistan I first saw in 2006 and where I have just concluded my 29th visit. So much has changed. My first … Continue reading

Annual Meeting

The AGM is on Tuesday 16 July at 6.30 in CR7 but only open to parliamentarians and invited guests.