Monthly Archives: September 2012

Saddam’s Ghost and a Federal Future in Iraq

Gary Kent remembers a weekend in Baghdad and makes the case for federalism in Iraq. Four years ago I joined a Labour Friends of Iraq (LFIQ) delegation to Baghdad. We took a military flight from Kuwait and a Puma helicopter … Continue reading

Hillsborough and Halabja

Gary Kent taks a personal look at the meaning of the Hillsborough inquiry, the notion of Bliarism and why people should recognise the genocide against the Kurds in his Rudaw column. One Saturday 23 years ago I tuned into a … Continue reading

A debate on the future of Iraq

A fascinating debate from the excellent Frontline Club on Iraq: Escalating violence and sectarian division is at Escalating violence and sectarian division

The tough neighbourhood

Kurds are becoming a major new factor in the Middle East and could overcome old injustices and fashion new alliances for the better. A generation ago the plight of the Kurds was dire in all four countries where they mainly … Continue reading

Response to Archbishop Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s views of Tony Blair and the Iraq war are not new. Very little is in the debate between those who supported intervention in Iraq and those who opposed it. There was also very little in the Archbishop’s … Continue reading