Voices for recognising the Kurdish Genocide: left, right and centre

We are approaching the 25th anniversary of the attack in 1988 on the Kurdish town of Halabja where Saddam Hussein’s jets dropped nerve agents and mustard gas. This killed 5,000 people in one fell swoop. Halabja was itself one of the last atrocities of a 25 year campaign of increasingly brutal and systematic efforts to eliminate the Kurds of Iraq. Nearly 200, 000 people died in the last few months of this campaign alone and many more before. The Kurds of Iraq are rebuilding their society but the physical and psychological legacy of this genocide casts a long shadow. We believe it is morally necessary for the UK and the international community to recognise these tragic events as genocide. Failure to acknowledge such injustices makes them more difficult for survivors and relatives to overcome them. It also emboldens tyrants elsewhere to believe they can escape the consequences of further atrocities and genocides.

Designations for identification purposes only

Nadhim Zahawi MP
Meg Munn MP
Robert Halfon MP
Dave Anderson MP
Jan Kavan, Former Czechoslovak Foreign Minister and President UN General Assembly, Czech Social Democratic Party
Fabian Hamilton MP
Lord Clement-Jones
Stephen Metcalfe MP
Greg Mulholland MP
Ian Dale, LBC Presenter
Jonathan Fryer, LibDem politician
Nick Hopkinson, Liberal International
Toby Young, Journalist
Tom Newton Dunn, Journalist
Sarah Panizzo Gulan
David Lloyd Middle East Association
Prof Alan Johnson
Jonathan Danos, businessman
Henry Robinson, Human Rights Worker
Jim Killock, Rights Campaigner
Mike Harris, Index on Censorship
John Slinger, Labour activist
David Slinger
Mary Slinger
Tony Short, Labour
Catherine Atkinson, Labour
Larry Smith, Labour
Amanda Ramsay, Labour
Jonathan Todd, Labour Uncut
Denis Macshane, former Europe Minister
Jon Ridge, Labour
Feradoon Marookfi, KDP Iran
Mouloud Swara, KDP Iran
Khalid Azizi, KDP Iran
Khasnaf Al-Kadi KDP Iran
Rob Newbery Labour
Diane Viner Labour
Ayla Ozmen
Trevor Whitmore Labour
Andullah Muhsin NASUWT
Ian James Labour
Steve Batey Labour
Claire Sanders Labour
David Winston Labour
Tamer Yigit Dialogue Society
Harva Minat
Dr Graham Giles MBE, Labour
Graham Wildridge, Labour Friends of Iraq
Akam Rahimi
H Powazi KDPI
Cllr Naseem Ayub, Labour Luton
Richard Jarvis, Politics Home
Bob Glaberson, Labour
Gay Hollywall, Labour
Angela Wilkins, Good Governance Foundation
David Hencke, Tribune Journalist
Margaret Hencke Labour
Graham Nunn Labour
Emet Shahar GMB
Jessica Shahar Labour
Paul Richards, Labour
Tessa Tyler Todd Labour
Cllr Mary Foy Labour
Cllr Norma Stephenson Labour
Cllr Paul Foy Labour
Jin Kalkat Conservative
Stephen James Conservative
Cllr Bill Livesley Conservative
Ruthira Sakar, Transitional Govt of Tama Eelam
V. Jeyanthan Transitional Govt of Tama Eelam
Stephenie Blott Luther Pendragon
S Hoq
A Mahdi Student
Cllr Howard Murray Conservative
Paul Abbott Conservative
Victoria Thornton Conservative
Shah Malik
Emily Hilditch Conservative
Carole Edwards former FCO
Simon Saunders Conservative
Keith Best Freedom from Torture
Cllr Alan Donnelly Conservative
A Syed Conservative
Brian Weller Conservative

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