Minutes of the AGM of the APPG on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Virtual. Thursday 4 March.
1 Attendance. MPs: Robert Halfon, Peter Gibson, Mary Glindon, Alicia Kearns, Ben Everitt, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Jack Lopresti, Jason McCartney, Jerome Mayhew, Alexander Stafford, Paul Bristow, Henry Smith, Anthony Higginbotham. Lords: Lord Walney. Lord Austin, and Baroness Ramsay. Holly Papworth and Eden Duggan (office of Robert Halfon) and Gary Kent (Secretary)
2 Apologies. Steve Reed. Stephen Metcalfe.
3 Election of Chair and Registered Contact. Robert Halfon nominated by Mary Glindon and agreed.
4 Co-Chairs elected were Mary Glindon. Alicia Kearns. Lord Ian Austin. Jack Lopresti
5 Vice-Chairs elected were Feryal Clark, Jason McCartney, Baroness Ramsay, Steve Reed, Henry Smith, Alex Stafford, and Stephen Metcalfe.
6 Income and Expenditure Statement agreed.
7 Discussion on the 30th anniversary of John Major’s efforts to establish a safe haven and no-fly zone.

Income and Expenditure Statement

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