Minutes of the AGM of the APPG on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

House of Commons. 14 January 2020.

Attendance. MPs Robert Halfon Mary Glindon, Jack Lopresti, Steve Reed, Stephen Metcalfe, Toby Perkins, Feryal Clark, Jason McCartney, Philip Hollobone, Alicia Kearns, and Lord Clement-Jones.

Also in attendance. Holly Papworth (Robert Halfon). Christine Aird (Mary Glindon). Gary Kent. Karwan Jamal Tahir, Legaa Firas, and Hawre Wahid (Kurdistan Regional Government)

Apologies. Lady Hodgson. Lord McConnell. Henry Smith. Baroness Ramsay. Fabian Hamilton.

Election of Officers. These were agreed. Chair and Registered Contact, Robert Halfon. Co-Chair Steve Reed. Secretary Alicia Kearns. Treasurer. Lord Clement-Jones.

The following MPs were also agreed as Vice-Chairs: Chris Stephens, Phillip Hollobone, Jason McCartney, Toby Perkins, Mary Glindon, Jack Lopresti, Stephen Metcalfe, Henry Smith, Sarah Jones, and Michael Tomlinson plus Lords McConnell, and McNicol and Baroness Ramsay

APPG Secretary Gary Kent presented a brief history of the APPG since 2007 and made some suggestions for future activity.

The KRG High Representative, Karwan Jamal Tahir, outlined the current situation in Kurdistan and Iraq and answered questions.

It was agreed to send a delegation to the Kurdistan Region, timing to be confirmed.

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