Minutes of the meeting on 9 October 2018 of the APPG on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq

Attendance: Mary Glindon MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, Firmsik Bilbas for John Grogan MP, Anita Lowenstein-Dent for Jonathan Djanogly MP, Gary Kent (Secretary) and Khasro Ajgayi (KRG).

Apologies: Jack Lopresti MP, Rosie Winterton MP, Ian Austin MP, Scott Mann MP, Janet Daby MP, Joan Ryan MP, Henry Smith MP, David Drew MP, Alex Sobel MP, Lord Glasman, Lord Clement-Jones, Lord Luce, Baroness Goudie, Baroness Hodgson of Abinger, The Bishop of Carlisle, Lord Hylton, and Karwan Jamal Tahir (KRG High Representative)

Gary Kent introduced the report of the recent APPG delegation to Kurdistan and Baghdad. He outlined the positive changes a year after the referendum and the failed attempt to invade the Kurdistan Region.

He highlighted the proposed training programme for Kurdistani MPs, which he will discuss with their Parliament in Kurdistan, and where he will discuss the report with various audiences. He also suggested the APPG seeks to recruit 50 MPs and Peers.

It was also agreed that we explore the possibility of a delegation to the Kurdistan Region in early January.

Khasro Ajgayi outlined current developments in the Kurdistan Region including the elections on 30 September, the election of Barham Salih to the Iraqi Presidency, and the formation of the new Iraqi Government.

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