KRG High Representative attends Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen

KRG UK Press Release

Karwan Jamal Tahir, the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the UK joined senior members of the Royal Family, UK ministers, diplomats, and the families of those who lost their loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan at the unveiling of a Memorial by Her Majesty the Queen.

On the margins of the event, the High Representative to the United Kingdom met senior officials, former Prime Ministers Sir John Major and Tony Blair, HRH Prince Charles, Prince Harry, and many men and women who served in Iraq.

Mr. Karwan Tahir said “The formal ceremony to mark the contribution of British service personnel and others in Iraq and Afghanistan was an opportunity for me as the representative in this country of the Kurds in Iraq to add the profound thanks of the people of Kurdistan Region of Iraq.”

He added “It was a privilege to salute the contribution of the British in Kurdistan and Iraq and to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom. I was also deeply heartened to be told by so many senior figures that they appreciate the bravery of our Peshmerga in resisting Daesh. One said we will work together with the Peshmerga to get rid of Daesh.”

The KRG High Representative also discussed matters with former Prime Ministers Sir John Major and Tony Blair, and the reiterated the people of Kurdistan Region and its Government’s absolute appreciation to them as they are considered heroes in the Kurdistan Region: “the no fly zone in 1991 and the liberation of Iraq in 2003 definitely saved the Kurds from further genocide at the hands of Saddam’s fascist regime.”

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