Urgent need to resolve energy dispute in the interests of Iraq as a whole

The continuing efforts by some in Baghdad to punish the Kurdistan Region for its success in becoming the oil exploration capital of the world and building a brand new and dynamic energy sector from scratch, after decades of wilful neglect as part of the genocide, beggar belief.

As this strong statement from the KRG puts it: “One would think that federal officials in Baghdad would embrace the progress made in the Kurdistan Region and value the contribution to the nation’s wealth. One would think that federal officials would recognize the use of the Regions’ natural gas to provide electricity to its people and those of hard-pressed neighbouring provinces. One would think that federal authorities would applaud the KRGs plans to create a northern energy corridor for Iraq, whereby up to 3 million barrels a day could soon be flowing through the north of Iraq to Turkey and international markets beyond, and the revenues are shared by all Iraqis.”

It is high time to restore sanity and dialogue to resolve this needless dispute.

See full statement at http://krg.org/a/d.aspx?s=010000&l=12&a=46337

Gary Kent

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