Kurdistan and the UK

High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to the UK, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman says that “Kurdistan is a forward-looking, democratic and secular Muslim society and that bilateral relations between Kurdistan and the UK are very good, solid and detailed. As for Kurdistan’s relations with the Iraqi government, she says that “We are a part of Iraq, and in 2003, we decided to voluntarily remain as part of Iraq, which is now inclusive and democratic. This is what we are committed to. We are not willing to be a part of an Iraq that is under a dictatorship. It was under a dictatorship that our people suffered genocide. While Iraq remains on the path to federalism, democracy and unity, we will be part of it.”

Read more at http://www.worldfolio.co.uk/region/middle-east/iraq/n-2008-closer-ties-with-the-uk-in-investment-and-education

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