Ireland, John Major, Tony Blair and campaign on the Kurdish Genocide

Gary Kent’s latest column in Rudaw

My own view is that Kurdistan is showing how the past can be overcome but that it is essential that the genocide be formally recognized. Given the leading role played by John Major and Tony Blair in liberating the Kurdistan Region, the UK is well-placed to add its weight.

The all-party group and the KRG are backing a move by MP Nadhim Zahawi to persuade the British Government through finding 100,000 signatures which could trigger a parliamentary debate. The e petition is at but can only be signed by British citizens and residents.

The campaign is being officially launched this week in the Commons at a major event, which is being addressed by the Head of the KRG Foreign Relations Department, Falah Mustafa Bakir. This campaign also raises awareness of Kurdistan – past, present and future.

The massive progress in Kurdistan was once a pipe dream, just as much as peace in Northern Ireland was, but hard work by many is paying dividends.

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