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Kurdistan travelogue: beauty, safety, films, training. A personal view

Given half the population is under 20, I meet more and more Kurds who don’t recall much about the Kurdistan I first saw in 2006 and where I have just concluded my 29th visit. So much has changed. My first … Continue reading

Annual Meeting

The AGM is on Tuesday 16 July at 6.30 in CR7 but only open to parliamentarians and invited guests.


Tabled 12 June 2019 That this House warmly congratulates Nechivan Barzani on his election by Parliament and his inauguration as President of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq; wishes him the best in uniting the Kurdistan Region, advancing economic and political … Continue reading

APPG Vice-Chair Mary Glindon MP urges official KRG visit to the UK

FCO Questions 14 May 2019 Mary Glindon MP I welcome the new Minister and hope that he will visit Baghdad and Erbil. Will he finalise the long-delayed official visit by the Kurdistan Regional Government President and Prime Minister to boost … Continue reading

Happy Newroz and a case for better links between the UK and the Kurdistan Region

Nurses and doctors from Newcastle and Gateshead have been visiting the Kurdistan Region in Iraq for nearly a decade. In their holiday time, they have been doing knee and hip operations that are currently beyond the health system there and … Continue reading

Mary Glindon MP: the success story of Kurdistan and the Christians

The trees and decorations have just been taken down and the joys of the Christmas break are receding for us here though diets will persist for some time. But let’s remember that there are many parts of the world where … Continue reading

The eternal cycle of genocide: inaction, followed by demands for international ‘justice.’ Jack Glower.

“Peace Through Justice”, reads the emblem of the International Criminal Court. It is a noble claim, but evidence suggests that international mechanisms of justice do not prevent war, or deter genocide. The liberators of the Nazi concentration camps thought it … Continue reading

Jack Lopresti MP and APPG Chairman hails warmer relations between Erbil and Baghdad and urges further internal reform

Jack Lopresti MP (left) and Robert Halfon MP (right) with UK soldiers who are training the Peshmerga in Kurdistan. Relations between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government in Baghdad are looking up after a dire year in which the … Continue reading

Cross-party Commons motion welcomes oil deal on Kirkuk between Baghdad and Erbil

DEAL ON KIRKUK OIL BETWEEN IRAQ AND THE KURDISTAN REGION Session: 2017-19 Date tabled: 19.11.2018 Primary sponsor: Glindon, Mary Sponsors: Blackman, Bob Halfon, Robert That this House warmly welcomes an initial deal between the federal Government in Baghdad and the … Continue reading

UK soft power, foreign policy and the Kurds

How Britain can wave the rules and help the Kurds What a difference a year makes. This was the theme of my contribution to the APPG discussion in the Commons on our delegation to the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad in … Continue reading