Advancing animal welfare in the Kurdistan Region

Our Chair, Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, has tabled a Commons motion on Dr Sulaiman Tameer and animal welfare in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The DUP’s Jim Shannon and Labour’s Mohammad Yasin have also backed it. Here is the text.

That this House commends the determination of Dr Sulaiman Tameer, a vet from Duhok and founder of the Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection, to advance animal welfare legislation, as recently detailed by Joanne Stocker-Kelly for the Guardian newspaper; notes growing political support for him in the Kurdistan Region, which lacks a ban, for instance, on dog fighting and any standards for slaughterhouses; further notes that Dr Tameer’s proposals echo the UK’s animal welfare principles of upholding protection from hunger and thirst, discomfort; pain, injury or disease, the freedom to express normal behaviour, and freedom from fear and distress; and believes that Dr Tameer’s pioneering work illustrates the willingness, in difficult circumstances, of the Kurdistan Region to overcome various legacies of its past.

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