APPG Chair Robert Halfon’s question in the Commons on the 30th anniversary of John Major’s historic safe haven

In today’s FCDO Oral Questions, APPG Chair, Rt Hon Robert Halfon, would have asked this question but the connection sadly failed.

“The Kurdistan Region has merits such as religious freedom and some flaws. But it wouldn’t exist without Sir John Major’s brave decision 30 years ago to pioneer a safe haven and no-fly zone. Sir John saved the Kurds from further genocide after the notorious chemical weapons attack on Halabja, where I paid my respects beside its mass graves. Will he convey deep gratitude from us all and our allies, the Kurds to Sir John and fully mark this milestone in our bilateral relations.”

The APPG will be doing its best to mark the 30th anniversary which can be dated between 5 March, when the Kurdistani uprising began, and 8 April when Sir John Major secured the support of the EC Council of Ministers and subsequently the US Administration. Allied soldiers and aircraft were in operation in and over Kurdistan from mid-April for 12 years.

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