APPG Chair Robert Halfon MP condemns attack in Baghdad on Kurdistani party and flag

The APPG on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq completely condemns the attack on a Kurdistani political party office in Baghdad and the desecration of the Kurdistani flag, sadly while Iraqi security forces watched but failed to intervene.

The Kurdistani political parties play an important role in the Iraqi coalition government and are doing all they can to overcome differences with Iraqi parties so there can be a full resolution of their disputes. I am pleased that the Iraqi cabinet has condemned this outrageous and provocative attack.

Countries that believe the Kurds should be a strong influence in a unified and federal Iraq must also condemn this attack, this will reduce the majorities fear for this behaviour becoming a norm for settling the differences. I also hope there will be prosecutions of those responsible.

I understand the anger of the Kurdistanis but know they are determined not to allow this to obstruct efforts to keep building peaceful co-existence between Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq.

Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP. Chair

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